The book has been written by 3 authors
Sandeep Sood: Working as programmer at Guru Nanank Dev University, Amritsar, having experience of 5 years.

Sumit Kumar: Working as Assistant Prof. (Lecturer) Computer Sci. at BBK DAV College, having experience of 5 years

Mrs. Malti: Working as Assistant Prof Electronics Deptt at Guru Nanak Dev University having experience of 2 years.

Programming Using C
Publisher : Jyoti Book Depot (Jallandhar)

Some of the features of the book are :

  • A very good book on learning programming using C.
  • The language used in the book is very easy.
  • It has more than 400 programs explained (with output).
  • All programs have been very well indented and easier to read and understand.
  • All programs are avaialble on the accompyning CD.

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